Monday, 27 January 2020

BONUS! Episode #38.5 Jen's Complete NaNoWriMo Journey

A special bonus episode featuring Jen's meanderings as she attempted NaNoWriMo 2019. It's not a surprise that she did actually complete it, as we put the episodes up weekly, but if you missed them or fancy immersing yourself in the NaNoWriMo world this is the podcast for you!

Jen challenged herself to write a brand new novel over the course of November. That means 50,000 words. It was, as she finds out, a challenge. That is why they call it a challenge. Join her in an audio diary to find out exactly how many words she managed to write each day and her struggles with procrastination and plot lines.

There's also a lot of maths talk, and working out how many words Jen has written that day and how much she needs to do to complete it on time, but if you get over that bit and get to the points where it seems like she's losing her mind* it's a lot of fun. We find out what procrastination-busting methods work best and how to motivate yourself to keep writing under pressure.

Also this episode:

  • Mayonnaise pixies!
  • Questions from Marc!
  • Fried croutons!
  • Hypnotherapist cheating!
  • Boo barks!

*No minds were lost in the recording of this podcast.

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