Monday, 29 April 2019

Episode #28: Interview with Chris Billingham

This episode Jenni talks to Chris Billingham, one of our favourite people and a writer of many things.

We talk about how it's different writing with a partner, how to increase the diversity in our work, procrastination, deadlines, expectations and even term a band new writing phrase - 'percolation'.

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Chris Billingham has written three plays, a web series, two short films and won at least two awards. This means he is an 'award winning writer', although he doesn't like us saying that at all. He's a fantastically proficient writer, as well as having a proper job and having two/three podcasts with podcast partner Dan Doolan.

All the details for Chris's work will be below, so please check it out. We talk about the process of writing and how we write and plan plots (or not!), the importance and potential drawbacks of deadlines, how you should write for characters that don't fit your own gender, race or sexuality and also Chris's background in screenwriting.

  • Jenni's laptop died on the first attempt of this interview so listen to us try to remember what we said the first time round
  • How we wasted the opportunities of our uni years
  • Chris's percolation process
  • Using our lovely supportive partners as procrastination excuses
  • Our daydreams of musical stardom and Jenni's failed band experience
  • Actual kisses (and some stripping) on stage

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