Monday, 17 February 2020

Episode #39: How To Write (by Other Writers)

Jen and Marc look at the BBC Women's Hour short clip of writers giving tips on how to write a novel. We pick out the key points for us, and how they have, or will, affect our creative journey. Also, Jenni gives an update on her book and we talk The Masked Singer, Taylor Swift, folding crisp packets, Hot Cross Bun day and much more silliness.

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Marc happened upon this lovely clip of writers talking to Women's Hour about their writing tips and advice. Writers such as Prue Leith, Angie Thomas, Ruby Wax, Allison Pearson and Nina Stibbe talk about how to write and how they write, and how to write that book! Jenni and Marc pull out their highlights, what resonated with them, and also how Prue Leith manages to get her laptop into the toilets at cocktail parties (what if she needs a plug? Does she carry a rucksack? Does everyone else think she's just doing a massive poo? SO MANY QUESTIONS!).

These tips might not be groundbreaking but they definitely ring true for us and other writers we've talked to, including Negeen Papehn who talked to us a while ago where we discussed how constantly she writes. Finding your own voice is really important, and we think about the style and pace of books we loved to read, as well as the books we've found difficult and hard going. We also talk about accepting things as imperfect and not chasing the impossible perfection.

We also find out just how much this podcast has helped Jenni's writing experience in terms of motivational techniques, characterisation and plotting a book. Sadly you'll miss the beautiful hand movements of wobbly waves and circles.

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