Thursday, 30 November 2017

How did your #NaNoWriMo Go?

It's the end of November! Which also means it's the end of National Novel Writing Month! How did you do? Did you complete your 50,000 words?

We set ourselves a mini NaNoWriMo challenge of 5,000 words, so 2,500 words each, and we actually reached it pretty easily. Marc completed first on 12th November with 2,504 words, while I was then shamed by his productivity and completed 2,678 on 21st November.

So What Have We Learnt?
Judging by how quickly we rattled these words out, we could have set ourselves a bigger target and still completed it easily (well, that's just my view!). I think it definitely shows that if you set yourself a target it helps you achieve more and increases productivity. It was really useful.

It's time to think about a word count challenge for December (well, maybe January. Let's get Christmas out of the way...)!

Monday, 13 November 2017

Episode #6: Interview with Linda Walker, Listener Questions and NaNoWriMo!

Welcome! It's us, Jenni and Marc! We've been friends for years and we’re writing a book!

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This episode 6 of POW podcast UK includes:
- A very special guest interview with BBC radio producer, Linda Walker who tells us about her clever storytelling with The Listening Project.
- Huge thank you to everyone who's been in touch with us, in this ep, we answer some of your great listener questions.
- We try to pronounce NaNoWriMo. Including, how to pace yourself with NaNoWriMo. Here’s an article that Marc tells us about…and don’t forget writing your book isn’t about quantity over quality
- As always, we have muchos chats and excitement - including our joy over to tweets to us from Sophie Kinsella and Jonathan Harvey! We love them so!
- We also gas about Casper mattresses - get £50 pounds off with Jenni's link here - , Today Tix offer codes and Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 news.
- We have a little chat about Philip Pullman’s new book La Belle Sauvage

Things we’ve learnt from recording episode 6 of POW podcast UK:
- We are now on Acast - find us here
- Have you read our blurb yet?
- We talk about the Facebook page “Writing About Writing”? It’s great!
- Jake Parker did in fact create InkTober
- Jenni bloody loves sushi

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Friday, 3 November 2017

Mini NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo is among us! Even if you have trouble pronouncing it, like we do, if you're a writer you have probably come across National Novel Writing Month. This month long initiative aims to get writers creating an entire 50,000 word novel over the month of November.

While you don't write your novel on the NaNoWriMo site, you do update your word count, get trophies and, if you get to the 50,000 word target, you upload your novel to the site to win (we are not sure what you win, apart from the sense of satisfaction and the fact that you've just written a novel in a month - go you!).

We can't take part in NaNoWriMo this month, mainly because we're already 20,000 odd words through our book and also because we can't commit to such massive word count.

However, we CAN commit to our own MiniNaNoWriMo! We've decided to write a MASSIVE 5,000 words (between us!) over November.

Will we do it? Will we fall at the first hurdle? How will we keep our motivation going? It's taken us years to get to the 20,000 point, so there is no guarantees we won't find ourself procrastinating at any point possible.

There's a lot of great tips, tricks and resources, both on the NaNoWriMo site and elsewhere, that we will be sharing throughout the month.

We'll keep you updated on our MiniNaNoWriMo word count on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus

Are you doing your own NaNoWriMo? Or even a MiniNaNoWriMo? Let us know and share your journey!