Monday, 12 November 2018

Episode #22: What Do You Do With Feedback?

In the midst of Nanny Flymo (#NaNoWriMo) Marc and Jen talk about getting feedback from their first chapters and the best ways to deal with critiques and comments from those lucky few that have finally had a peek at your writing.

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If you’ve written a novel, short story or any sort of creative writing, there will be a time where you’re going to have to put it front of someone to read it and, hopefully, give you a bit of useful feedback. But what should you do with that feedback? We have some top tips to help you apply any criticism to your work. Whether it’s avoiding taking comments personally, extracting those golden nuggets and common themes or remembering the bigger picture, our advice should allow you to take feedback on board without sinking!

It’s also November, National Novel Writing Month, so check in with how we’re getting on with NaNoWriMo and listen to us talk way too much about pie and the problems with fitting in writing when that tricky old life stuff gets in the way.

What else did we talk about this episode?

  • Jenni gets a bit deep with her ‘inflated sense of self’ – she may not quite understand what this means
  • We take food related metaphors too far, with our box of golden nuggets and choice of pie pomodoro (Pumpkin, Apple, Pecan, Treacle, yum!)
  • Singapore is NOT in Indonesia (Thanks Wikipedia!)
  • We also take sea-related metaphors too far, as we encounter a champagne lounge in a canoe
  • "I'm not saying Buddha's not a great guy" - we dissect a quote from a very clever man in a unique way

Massive thanks to Katy, Pete and Jan for their considered and insightful feedback – you guys are AMAZING!

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