Monday, 25 June 2018

Episode #16: How to Develop Your Storyline and Plot

How do you develop a plot? In this episode we talk about the best ways to develop your storyline, what the classic plotlines are and how our own novel fits into it all. We also try to fit in a discussion about Horcruxes wherever we can.

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Jenni has a massive problem in developing plots on her own, but finds the process easier when writing with Marc. Why is that? We look at different techniques of plotting and storylines, structuring a novel, whether a character can carry a story and if actually it’s all down to confidence.

Also, are plots like songs? Is it all down to character? Are there really only six real plots? Are Christopher Booker’s plots plots, or are they themes? We try to classify our own novel into one of the seven classic plots and work out how we are structuring our storyline. 

Marc also talks about the fantastic background work he's put in on character development behind one of our characters, Darvin, and how it fits into how our plot is developing. Darvin goes from flimsy weirdo to Guy With a Backstory.

What else do we learn in this episode, we hear you cry...
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Monday, 4 June 2018

Episode #15: Improving Your Character Development

In this episode we explore character development by looking at one of our characters in more detail – the lovely Darvin. We explore some popular and less well known ways to capture a personality that you are writing about, while drinking prosecco and gradually becoming more random (and slightly slurred).

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How can you approach character development? We look at techniques and tricks for getting an in depth feel for your character’s personality and background. This includes looking at things like online dating profiles, questionnaires, theme songs, family trees and loads more. Jenni and Marc chat about how all of these factors shape the character of our Darv and how it adds to the story.

We talk about the personality that Darvin projects, but also his inner life and how his achievements and disappointments have shaped him. Marc has done some great thought into Darvin's life, revealing some insights that really fill out what could be seen as a bit of a stereotypical character, and Jenni searched the internet for a bit to find some silly things to try.

What we’ve learnt this episode:
  • We are now on so many channels/apps/listening thingies! Find us on Stitcher and
  • The effect of prosecco – once you pop you can’t stop.
  • Writing a book based in the 90s is filled with problems, mainly related to TV programmes, films and other cultural bits. 
  • Jenni’s son has super sonic hearing (he interrupts at about 3.40 after hearing us mention Pringles)
  • Puss-filled piercings of the 90s, and how hip and happening we were
  • Jenni is writing a play with the lovely Mandy (of Mud and Marriage fame)
  • The advantages and pitfalls of writing journals, including Fearne Cotton's Happy journal
  • We rant about the Royal Wedding and how we should care about the love and not about what people are wearing. Also how Amal Clooney is way more important than her husband.
  • Marc has met POSH SPICE!
  • Can you read 200 books a year? We question how many books the lovely Greg Jenner reads, and how long they are. We are clearly just jealous. 
  • The song that Jenni was singing and Marc didn't know was Josh Wink - Higher State of Consciousness. We also sang Republica - Ready to Go, D and Blue (Dab a Dee) which is actually by Eiffel 65. And I Want Love by Elton John. And Pompeii by Bastille.  We are sorry if we ruined these songs for you. 

Some links to character development tips and tricks

And the link for Emma's hypnotherapy and yoga site is Bristol Shine and so well worth having a look at - sign up for her courses and classes if you're in the area, and if you're not have a look at her great blog posts.

This episode is brought to you by prosecco!

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