Monday, 11 February 2019

Episode #26: How Do You Plot Your Book?

We have hit a wall in our book writing process, so we’ve decided to work on our plots.

Join us this episode to discuss techniques to structure plots and writing advice to plot your novel.

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Doing some research for once and looking at techniques from Jericho Writers, amongst others, Jenni and Marc break down some plots from famous novels and try and apply them to their own book. We also look at classic plot structures from, using Freytag’s Pyramid, the Fichtean Curve and the Hero’s Journey.

Is our problem that we have so many main characters? Do we need to keep structuring our plot? Is our timeline enough? We try and work out how to finish off our novel, and Jenni then tries to completely change the book by just having one main character. And Marc shuts her down. Quite rightly.

Also in this episode
· Writing down the Status Quo
· Who is the main character in Lord of the Rings?
· Is Harry Potter the main character in the Harry Potter books? (yes, yes he is)
· Our main plot line appears to be ‘he’s being a naughty boy and shagging about a bit’
· Jenni’s kids book plots – The Dog Stuck in the Fence and The Trip to the Post Office
· An update of the effect of the lovely Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s book on Jen and reducing phone time
· Our amazing idea of a pub, where your loyalty card gets you story updates! Plus red wine and steak night!


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