Monday, 17 June 2019

Episode #31: Therapy for Procrastinators

Focusing on procrastination and taking on a new angle for this episode, we look at new directions, career paths and how we (well, Jen) could be avoiding big decisions by generally just faffing about.

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What would you do if you could do it all again? Would you make different choices?

Jen is very interested in career changes and how people turn their lives in different directions. As someone who’s been in the same sort of job since uni, she’s fascinated about the reasoning and decision making that goes into changing your life completely.

We delve deep into the reasons why Marc has changed from his childhood dreams to be an animator, 
to his new print making and design business – MarcoLooks. Marc also tries to pin down the theorectical ‘Jennifer’ (not based on Jen in any way) on what she wants to do next.

We also discuss the difference between having these thoughts and conversations and then actually taking some action, and the fear of failure behind it. Marc goes into full on therapy-mode to ‘Jennifer’ (not a real person at all) for a really thought-provoking podcast.

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