Monday, 13 January 2020

Episode #38: Friends Reunited

In our first episode of 2020, and our first one together FOR AGES, Jenni and Marc talk about what we've been up to. We chat about Jen's NaNoWriMo achievement, what else we've done over the end of 2019 and what books and other sources of inspiration we've found lately. And then we talk a lot about puddings.

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We're back, bright and breezy for a new decade of writing talk! In this episode we discuss Jenni's approach to NaNoWriMo, the motivational techniques and how it feels to actually finish a book. NaNoWriMo, and especially the appy-tool website thing, was a real advantage to setting a challenge and completing it and we recommend it to all budding writers. Then we talk editing and next steps, as well as Jen's problematic title (warning, there is a BIG swear in there).

There's also some chit chat about books we've loved recently, how Michelle Obama and Marc are practically twins and Marc's adventures into networking and being a start up. Then the real reason for the podcast - we work out what puddings and how many are appropriate for Christmas Dinner. What's the deal with trifle anyway?

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