Monday, 28 January 2019

Episode #25: What’s The Right Writing Challenge for You?

This episode we talk about writing challenges as we try to get ourselves writing on our book again.

What sort of writing challenges are there? What would suit or motivate you?

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POW Podcast UK has come of age – we can drive, drink, vote and not get ID’d in shops for alcohol – well done us!

We’re discussing writing challenges this time – the whys and hows of setting specific goals for your writing. If you want to stimulate your creativity and set some priorities for your writing, a challenge is the way to go.

Writing challenges give you some space to try something different – looking at perspectives, forms, narration and themes that you might not have tried before. Whether it’s something based the style of prose, or something more practical like scheduling in your writing into your day, there’s a writing challenge for you.

After discussing some types of challenges and the theories behind them, we find a challenge that works for us and we’re excited to see how this works for our book!

Also in this episode:
  • A lengthy discussion of whether to edit a spoiler out of the podcast – which ended up being left in, as all references to things being edited out always are!
  • Our free writing makes an appearance again as we plan to send it to Cheryl Cole
  • Our obsession with the dreamy Dr Rangan Chatterjee and his podcast Feel Better Live More
  • “Writing is my rockclimbing”
  • A Savage Garden singalong
  • A Reading Challenge update, with a new entrant, Jen’s husband, reading his first book this year
  • More Harry Potter talk, this time the script (The Cursed Child) vs book debate


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