Monday, 14 January 2019

Episode #24: Reading for Pleasure VS Reading for Challenge

Happy New Year from POW Podcast UK! This episode we’re talking about reading for pleasure versus reading as a task.

Following on from Jenni’s 2018 reading challenge against friend-of-the-show-Gemma’s husband Scott, Marc and Jenni discuss how the challenge went, how it affected Jenni’s love of reading and, crucially, WHO WON!

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If you’re reading with one eye on the total, it really makes a difference about what and how you read. We discuss the choices that you make, as well as the books Jenni really enjoyed this year, which ones she read really quickly, and which ones she abandoned because they were just taking too long.

We also discuss the perfect environment for competitive reading, which may or may not involve a spa break paid for by Marc, and whether listening to an audio book counts as reading an actual book.

Also on the podcast:

  • Hot lovin’ with the band on the aeroplane on holiday in the shack
  • Approaching reading like eating, and getting your full range of nutrients
  • A lot of Harry Potter chat
  • The perils of listening to a podcast on 11/2 speed
  • How do you say Katniss?
  • Some more podcast recommendations including Off Menu, Homosapiens and Happy Place
  • Marc talks about one of inspirations and mentors Douglas Jeal

You can find out all the books Jenni read in 2018 on the official reading list page

And finally, we realise that we haven’t done any writing recently which is the point of this podcast. We need some help with ideas for writing challenges – can you help us?


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