Monday, 15 October 2018

Episode #20: How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome?

This episode we talk about perception and impostor syndrome! 

A chance convo with a mystery someone got Jenni thinking about perception, and how what we think other people think about us can affect our motivation. 

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Do you worry about what your parents, significant other, or friends think about your life choices? As a creative person who might not be bringing in the big bucks, this can be an issue, so we can talk about how we can tackle this. 

Jenni and Marc discuss unrealistic expectations – not everyone is going to write a best selling book or win an Oscar – and how we impose our standards on other people’s expectations. There’s also impostor syndrome – have you ever felt like you don’t belong beside your peers? There’s chat about the types of impostor syndrome and how you can overcome these feelings to motivate yourself to achieve more.

It’s a deep old chat for us, as we delve deep into what we expect from our children, our families and ourselves and how these change as we grow, so join us as we unravel our brains just for you!

What else have we learnt this episode?
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