Monday, 1 October 2018

Episode #19: A Sit Down with Janu Miah

This episode we talk to Janu Miah, a leadership and organisational development specialist, about rewards and motivation.

How can we use rewards to get ourselves out of procrastination holes? Jan guides us towards better uses of our time and how our minds work.

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Marc talks to Jan about motivators, rewards and how to get things done, including some expert diving into how his mind works and just how often he picks up his phone (don’t we all?). Often we are not using our down time productively and triggers or habits mean that we end up wasting that time.

Should we be replacing the habits we don’t want with the habits that we do? Marc likes to get things done when he is pressure prompted, so that might be a more meaningful way to get things done. Jan offers some tips and advice on how to use what we know about ourselves to allow us to work more productively.

What else did we learn in this episode?
  • We let the first chapter of our book out into the big wild world - squee!
  • Jen doesn’t actually reward herself for anything 
  • We give essential updates on both of our rollercoaster games 
  • The word ‘dinglehopper’ is mentioned
  • We reference the lovely Negeen Papehn, writing wonderwoman 
  • Do grown ups need bribery?

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