Monday, 9 March 2020

Episode #40: Boosting Your Creativity

We’re celebrating our 40th episode with a little look at ways to boost your creativity. Jenni has notes and Marc has lots of thoughts, so we can make creativity work for you!

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We talk a lot about what we do to boost our creativity. Things like taking walks, getting out in nature, taking a shower, having some background music or chat, solitude and, of course, NEVER GIVING UP. Marc also explores our mental health and wellbeing, including forest bathing and the massive benefits for our both our physical selves and our brains. 

It seems like there are many ways to help your creativity – it’s whatever suits you and your working style, but hopefully you’ll get some new ideas and info from our comprehensive-ish research. We also float the idea of POW retreats where people mainly have showers then stay in their room and are allowed out occasionally for walks… prison. It’s a POW retreat prison.

Also this episode -
  • Jenni can’t pronounce ‘Nietzsche’
  • More The Good Place talk  
  • Big up our hero Dr Rangan Chatterjee
  • The return of talking about rollercoaster games – woohoo!
  • Amazing insights into the world of charity shops and puzzles. 
  • A silly word game of Rhyming Tennis

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