Monday, 17 September 2018

Episode #18: Wellness for the Creative

Should you be striving for wellness as a creative? Despite the notorious anguished artist stereotype, we believe that you should look after yourself if you want to create amazing things.

Looking after yourself and making time for the self care is a priority, and we talk about how you can start to do that.

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We are all about the wellness this episode, appreciating and nurturing our bodies with l’eau mineral and pink Vimto.

We talk about what makes us feel good and how to integrate self care rituals into our everyday lives. Big shout out to Emma from Shine for her teaching and advice, which forms a big part of what we talk about.

We’re also caught up in the "Back to School" vibe, so we set ourselves some goals – personal, work, podcasting and more - to get us to the end of the year.

What else have we learnt this episode?

  • We’ve been doing POW of over a year now – wooo!
  • What is a Self Care Toolkit?
  • The wonders of a good bookshop
  • Our minor obsession with amusement park based games
  • Jenni’s struggles with anxiety over the last year
  • Fearne Cotton’s various mental health championing and products, including her Happy Place podcast and Happy Journal
  • Exciting tie in merch, like FRIENDS’ candles and Marc’s fave, The Shop That Must Not Be Named in York.
  • It’s worth taking a free book when you get given one, as Jenni reviews the very strange Rin, Tongue and Dorner

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